About CNCS

Company Overview

  China Nuclear Control Systems Engineering Co., Ltd. ("CNCS") is the China National Nuclear Corporation subsidiary. In 2013, to promote industrial upgrading of China's nuclear instrumentation and control, CNNC(China National Nuclear Corporation) has a strategic recombination of its two subsidiaries: China Nuclear (Beijing) instrumentation factory with more than 50 years history and  China Nuclear Control System Engineering Co.Ltd. which is in rapid development and international running.CNCS formed by this recombination will be the most equipped professional supplier with the longest product chain and most complete variety in the global nuclear instrumentation and control field.

  CNCS is headquartered in Beijing with a registered capital of 100 million RMB. More than 600 employees, 70% of professional and technical personnel. Research sites over 10,000 square meters, the production base more than 30,000 square meters. Business covers nuclear engineering digital control systems and nuclear instrumentation equipment Research and development design, manufacture and service of the overall solution. The company has a core digital DCS platforms NicSys® series and the dedicated control system of nuclear power products, has nearly a hundred nuclear instrumentation products, and the largest nuclear radiation detectors and nuclear equipment research and production base, has been widely used in construction in progress nuclear power plants, nuclear industry, military,environmental protection and other fields, in the field of nuclear and radiation monitoring instrumentation has extensive experience in research and production capacity and engineering.

  CNCS is always committed to the autonomy in nuclear digital control engineering;for promoting nuclear instrumentation industry and providing the global nuclear technology application users with high quality instrumentation and control products and services, to create an internationally renowned supplier of digital instrumentation control products、integrated solution and services.