CNPE General Manager Liu Visits CNCS

Release time:2012-05-16 Sources:

  May-14-2012, a delegation consisting of General Manager Liu Wei, and GM assistant Zhong Hua from CNPE, Managing Director Liu Jiping, and Vice MD Xue Changlin from BNIF, visited CNCS. CNCS General Manager Tang Yi, Vice GM and Chief Engineer Wang Huaijing, Chief Accountant Hu Chengxia reported on CNCS performance and accompanied the delegation around company buildings.



  At the report meeting, Tang briefed on CNCS present status, business circumstance, market positioning in nuclear power industry, talent strategy, operational objective, company development layout in 5 and 10 years. Yao Guanglin, manager of CNCS technology engineering department, minutely reported on the implementation performance of the current 4 NPP DCS projects. Liu indicated that CNCS had made due achievements in less than 4 years since established in 2008, as a young and vigorous team, CNCS should possess innovation spirit on the aspects of company management, R&D, and engineering implementation to overcome difficulties and solve problems. He also stressed the importance of making good human resource plan and arrangement for the next implementation phase which would be hard, and ensuring the engineering quality meanwhile.



  Afterwards, the delegation went around office area, debugging hall and integration hall where Liu checked the assembled cabinets and praised CNCS’ meticulously structured working attitude. He encouraged the whole team to keep developing the enterprising and dashing spirits, speed up the DCS localization progress and strengthen the core competition capacity.